Easy Money

Easy Money
Date: 2006-05-01 (transfered from old blog)

The elusive money tree If you’ve spent any considerable amount of time on the Internet, you’ve probably tried making money on it. I basically make all my income from working on the Internet, specifically by programming the back-ends to client websites. As you may or may not know, most of my type of work is being outsourced to India and other low-wage countries, usually leaving people such as myself having to work more for less. This is were the lure of “easy money” comes in as I have been researching internet marketing and search engine optimatizaion techniques. These are hardly new concepts anymore and I may be a bit late to the game but I think I’ll be giving it a go. I understand that there is no such thing as “easy money” but for someone such as myself who lives on the Internet and knows all the related technologies, the work should not be very hard and perhaps a bit enjoyable. The work basically entails driving web traffic to sites that contain affiliate ads or pay-per-click ads. I have a number of websites I’ve created in the past just for fun but have never really tried to promote or monetize them. I will initially be concentrating on Desktop Linux At Home, Southern Ontario Day Trips and Cropping News. I am also going to be partnering with someone else trying to do some environmental affiliate sales sites.

Easy Money… one year later
Date: 2007-05-01 (transfered from old blog)

My experimentation with SEO ran out of steam about 4 months into it… but I did still manage to triple the income from the 3 sites I was concentrating on. The problem is that that is not saying much, as the sites were initially making very little to begin with. My advice, unless you are in a current hot niche market with your websites and are ready to commit a lot of effort into your SEO, don’t quit your day job.

If you are interested in trying out SEO and ad marketing, I would recommend reading the forums daily at DigitalPoint.com.