Fried Onions Are Yummy

Fried Onions
Date: 2005-04-01 (transfered from old blog)

I went to eat at a place in Waterloo today called “Chill and Grill”. Had their regular-sized “Big Juicy” burger and onion rings. Now, the burger was average or above-average, but the best thing was the fried onions! I love fried onions! Not enough fast food places give the option of fried onions. Not only that, they had fried mushrooms. Both items were available as a free option. The rings were huge and very deep fried… reminded me a bit of Krispy Kreme donuts. Mouth watering stuff, but all probably very unhealthy and fattening. One interesting thing I noticed was their “Crippler Challenge” which is a 3 pound monster burger you can order. If you can eat it alone within 1 hour, you get your picture put on the wall and a free t-shirt. I can eat a lot, but even that challenge seems a bit daunting for me. Oh well, 3 photos on the wall prove that it is do-able.