Tigerdirect Sucks!

Why I think Tigerdirect sucks
Date: 2005-10-30 (transfered from old blog)

On September 11, 2005, I made an online purchase of a refurbished laptop from tigerdirect.ca. After not getting a UPS tracking number for the order, I called them asking for it. They claimed they did not get a tracking number for this item and they told me to wait 10 days and if the laptop had not arrived to then call them back. So after 10 days go by I give them another call. Hmmm, they say it’s been lost and UPS doesn’t know where it is. They offer to ship another one out to me. I ask if it will be the exact same one… “yes” they say.

Here is the product description line from my printed invoice…

HP Compaq EVO N610c / Pentium 4-M 1.8GHz / 14.1 inch / 256MB / 30GB / CD-RW / WiFi / Windows XP Pro Notebook PC Refurbished

Notice the “WiFi” in the description. Also, the specifications listed “Integrated WiFi” as one of the features.

When the laptop finally arrives, it is the correct model and works fine… except that it has no WiFi, not integrated or otherwise. So, I go back to check my printed receipt and yup, it is indicated there. I write them an email asking about the missing WiFi and if they will send me a free WiFi card or something. I get no reply. I then go check their website again and notice that the EXACT SAME ITEM no longer has any indication of having WiFi! So, they basically used false advertising and then switched the item description afterward. Well, I wasn’t about to send the laptop back because of this one minor thing, as I had waited for it long enough already.

Then I noticed that they also shipped me something called eTrust PestPatrol Anti-Spyware. Thinking this was a freebie, I ignored it at first. Later, I checked the packing slip which had some small print as follows:


Naturely, I was concerned that I might be charged for something which I DID NOT ORDER and DID NOT KNOW I WOULD BE GETTING. I called them up and told them I do not want this product. They said, “Ok, just ship it back to us.” I asked if they would pay for the packaging and shipping to send it back and they said no. What?! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! Now, shipping it back would not have been that big of a deal or that expensive, it’s just that I was put off by their deception. I told them I would not ship it back and I would cancel any charges they put on my credit card. They then forwarded my call to someones voicemail. I left a message. I wrote them 3 separate emails explaining things. I left them another voicemail. No reply. I waited and waited, called them again, and was forwarded to someones voicemail once again. No reply.

Luckily, my credit card number happened to change before the 30 day trial was up, so they couldn’t bill me if they tried. I did get a notice from them in the mail saying they couldn’t ship my order until I gave them a valid credit card number. Ha, seeing as I haven’t ordered anything more from them, I can only assume this was for the Anti-Spyware software sitting unopened on my shelf.

Whatever. They are not getting any credit card information from me and I am never buying anything from them again.