Mono “Hi-fi” Wireless Headphones

This past weekend I was searching for wireless headphones to replace the ones I use at work that are worn out.  I remember getting my current ones from some grocery store for about $25  (about 5 years ago?) and was hoping to find something similar.  Would like them small, lightweight and comfortable enough for wearing hours at a time during work.   I checked a cheap local store, XSCARGO, and was surprised to find some for only $10.  The box said had “Hi-Fi”, “Super Bass” and even included an FM radio reciever built-in.  Good deal, I thought… until I got them home and tested them.  Even though the 3.5mm cabling that came with it had the obvious 3 sections, meaning that it’s stereo, the headphones themselves ended up only being mono.  Same for the FM radio.  I had another look at the packaging and sure enough the word “Stereo” does NOT appear anywhere on it.  And I guess they can still call them “Hi-Fi” because that is a hazy term anyway.  I went to 2 other cheap stores, Factory Direct and KW Surplus, and found different no-name chinese-manufactured wireless headphones in the $10 range that indicated “Hi-Fi” but not “Stereo”.  So, I have come to the conclusion that the makers of bulk crap electronics have realized that most people (at least the ones in the market for cheap headphones) can’t tell the difference between what stereo and mono sounds like when played in both ears.  The cheapest ones I have found to date that are both wireless and stereo (I think) are at Walmart for $30 but they are huge.  Canadian Tire and The Source (RadioShack) has them starting at $80.  BestBuys cheapest pair was $120.  Ebay is full of the cheap mono headphones and no real deals to be found on proper ones.  I will keep looking.