Stores in the KW area that geeks might enjoy

So after living in the Kitchener / Waterloo area of Ontario for over 10 years now there are a number of stores that I frequent for those geeky items not always found in your normal retail chains. I’ve listed the main ones below with a very brief description. If you know of others that I should check out please leave information in the comments.

Canada Computers – 230 Weber Street North, Waterloo
Easily the best computer store in the area. They sell quality products (as well as cheap junk) with very good prices. I’ve been building systems from here for a long time and never had an issue. Their service might not always be the best and on the weekends they seem understaffed but if you know what you are getting this place can’t be beat.

J & J Superstore – 230 Weber Street North, Waterloo
The place to go for all your boardgame needs! I can’t think of a better store in the province that has as large of an in-stock collection of boardgames (my source for Heroscape expansions). They also have a lot of comic books, figurines, collectibles, lego and trading cards. Another bonus, it’s right beside Canada Computers.

Kind Of Magic – 46 King Street North, Waterloo
Fun little magic shop with all kinds of magicians props and trick gadgets.

K-W Surplus – 666 Victoria Street North, Kitchener
A glorified dollar store with a lot of army stuff as well. Good for cheap cabling. They have a real tank out in front of their store and an evil street address.

XS Cargo – 1373 Victoria Street North, Kitchener
Liquidation store with ever-changing inventory of items ranging from electronics to small household appliances. Be wary of buying any big ticket items from here because they are usually defective in some minor way or of ultimate inferior quality.

Factory Direct – 1138 Victoria Street North, Kitchener
Similar to XS Cargo but with focus on electronic gadgets and computer parts.

Princess Auto – 2 Executive Place, Kitchener
A very manly store full of heavy equipment for major repair, construction, etc… but there are also sections for miscellaneous electronics for computer and car.

Cambridge Surplus – 336 Eagle Street North, Cambridge
Same as K-W Surplus but located in Cambridge… and I think I prefer this store as they have seem to have a better electronics section.

Sayal Electronics – 1040 Fountain Street, Cambridge
Great for hard-to-find electronic components, adapters and cabling of all sorts. Good prices as well.

The Old Forum Cheap Thrills – 1001 Langs Drive, Cambridge
Lots of unique geeky gift items and little puzzle type toys at low prices.

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  1. you were on page 3 for a google search “kw computer store”
    Do you watch your search analytics closely?

  2. Yes I do have google analytics on my websites but I haven’t really been paying attention to them lately. I don’t really put much effort into keeping any of my sites updated but I do continue to get cheques from google adsense every few months which covers my hosting costs.

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