About Me
This page contains very important information about myself and what I do in life. It may or may not be of any interest to anyone but myself. You might be thinking “How does this guy have the time to make all these pages?” or “Don’t you have a life?”. Well, I practically live on the internet and instead of wasting my off-work time doing something productive like watching TV, I surf web pages and create web pages. I hope to someday develop technology that will allow one to transfer their very essence into digital form and forever float freely in the data streams of the internet, hence gaining immortality.

You can contact me by using the form at vidberg.com/contact/

My Family
I am happily married with 1 child, Daniel. You can check out his picture website here. I have a younger sister. My dad has a tiny website located here.In case you didn’t know, I changed my last name shortly before I got married. It used to be “Haapaneva”. That is the family name that my grandfather in Finland picked during the war… as they had to change their last name for some odd reason. My great-grandfathers last name was “Vidberg”. I have always had problems with people not being able to spell or pronounce “Haapaneva”, so I thought a good time to change it would be when my wife-to-be would change hers also (to mine). So, no, I am not in a witness protection program or anything. I just changed my name because I wanted to. Hopefully, google will pick up this page and anyone searching for me will be able to find me (unless you are some crazy stalker then forget what you just read and go away).

My Work
I am probably currently working as a web developer and/or Linux system administrator, programming the back-ends to web sites and making sure servers keep running smoothly. I’ve had jobs as a independent consultant, web application developer, a system administrator, a computer technician, etc… I am kind of a computer handy man I guess. See my resume here.

My Hobbies
Well, lets see… the computer/internet thing is obvious if you have read this far. Other things I enjoy (in no particular order) are day-tripping, exploring, trying foods from different cultures, hanging out with my wife and son, reading, listening to music, watching movies, playing video games, and burning things (well, mostly my mouth with hot sauces). I’ve done some geocaching, a great family activity for the summer weekends. Click the following links to see geocaches that I’ve hidden (but now all shutdown and archived):


Music I Like
My favourite style of music is heavy metal. I also really enjoy alternate rock and some folk, old country stuff. I occasionally listen to symphonic / instrumental music to relax.

My favourite music from 2005 (yes, I know I need to update this):
Nevermore Gammaray Hammerfall

Children Of Bodom 3 Inches Of Blood Brainstorm

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  1. loved the entry about hot sauces. sen dme your address and we will ship off a free bottle for you to try.

    we were in pete spepper palace a few years ago, i made first delivery myself but never heard back from owner for re-orders….


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