My History With Computers

Mid 1980’s – The Atari 130XE is the computer that I started out with. Back then the BASIC prompt came up when you booted. I spent many the day sitting in absolute wonder and amazement that I could type instructions into a machine and have it do what I wanted. This was the beginning of my love of programming. This machine had 128K of RAM and ran at about 1.7MHz and could do a resolution of 320×192 (256 colors). It had no harddrive, everything done from 5.25″ floppies. I had a XM301 300 baud modem with which I would connect to local BBS’s.
Late 1980’s – Next came the Amiga 2000. I really loved this computer, it took my computing to a new level. I was heavily into programming with a language called “AMOS”. This system had 1M of RAM and ran at about 8MHz and could do a resolution of 640×480 (4096 colors in special HAM mode). I now had a 14400 baud modem and a 30Meg harddrive. The pirated games for this system flowed like a mountain stream, and that was ok for me as I didn’t have money and Amiga software was hard to come by where I lived.
Early 1990’s – During my time at university I finally gave up on the dying Amiga and got a 386 running MSDOS which I absolutely hated. It felt like downgrading from a Porche to a Lada. Anyway, much of the 1990’s was spent waiting for the next new and improved PC. Next I had a 486, which I hated a little less, then a Pentium 133 running Win95, upgraded later to 200MHz. Close to the end of the century I was using a Celeron 366 running Win98.
2000 to 2003 – Had a 1.4GHz PC running Linux and my computer had become fun again. Adjusting to Linux on the desktop had been a bit of battle sometimes but it’s worth it. Open-source is the future.
2004 and onward – Now using a 2.0GHz AMD PC running Linux and my computer is still fun.