Mono “Hi-fi” Wireless Headphones

This past weekend I was searching for wireless headphones to replace the ones I use at work that are worn out.  I remember getting my current ones from some grocery store for about $25  (about 5 years ago?) and was hoping to find something similar.  Would like them small, lightweight and comfortable enough for wearing […]

Rogers Sucks!

Why I think Rogers sucks Date: 2005-12-09 (transfered from old blog) I have been a subscriber to Rogers High Speed Internet service since 1998, having toughed it out through a lot of good and bad times with them. But in the last year service has really gotten bad. Internet access cuts in and out frequently… […]

Tigerdirect Sucks!

Why I think Tigerdirect sucks Date: 2005-10-30 (transfered from old blog) On September 11, 2005, I made an online purchase of a refurbished laptop from After not getting a UPS tracking number for the order, I called them asking for it. They claimed they did not get a tracking number for this item and […]